Shooter Localization System


For more information contact:

Databuoy LLC

Attn: Kathleen Griggs

8300 Greensboro Dr., Suite 800

McLean, VA 22102


SHOTPOINT is based on a patented collaborative sensor mesh approach.

SHOTPOINT accurately and reliably computes shooter coordinates and bullet trajectory by fusing solutions from multiple sensor nodes, and even works in multi-path environments.

Features:                    Multi-sensor collaboration

                                   Integrated GPS and IMU

                                   High performance acoustics

                                   Custom network protocols

Detection Mode(s):     Muzzle Blast, Shockwave

Output:                        Shooter coordinates

                                    Bullet trajectory, speed,  caliber                               

Ave. Bearing Error:     < 3m, < 1°

Ave. Range Error:        < 7m

Detection Rate:            95% of shots

Response time:            < 1s

Node Configuration:

    Microphones:            4

    Size:                          16cm x 13cm

    Weight:                      <1 lb

    Power:                       < 0.5 W

    Node Spacing:           50-100m

SHOTPOINT can be use to monitor public spaces, malls, schools, commercial and government buildings.

SHOTPOINT reports can be hosted on web devices and shared with any number of subscribers.

For sales in India contact:

Aditya Marathe, Nugenix

+91-88888 53821

For sales in Central and South America contact:

Raymond Williams, Apex Global